Helinsky Images Photography | FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer any discounts?

Both Lissa and Mike are veterans of the armed forces and greatly appreciate the sacrifice men and women serving in the military make.  We are proud to offer a discount for our active duty military.  Please contact us for details.  Thank you for your service!  Other specials can be found on our Facebook page.


What happens if it is raining on the day of our session?

Living in Florida means lots of rain.  Sometimes the lighting just before or after rain is beautiful for taking pictures.  However, if we get rained out, we will reschedule the session with you.


Can I view my pictures online?

Yes!  we will upload the photos so that you have online access to view them.  You will receive a password to access your photos and you can share that password with family and friends.


What if my children are misbehaving or not cooperating?

We have 4 daughters and a grandson.  We have lots of experience working with children so don't stress out! 


What if my child has fallen and has a mark on their face?

We can fix most issues so don't worry about it. Don't try to cover the issue with makeup because that tends to make it show up even more in photographs.  We will touch up mishaps digitally after the photography session.